Nigeria Reggae Festival “Profile”

April 29, 2018

Nigeria Reggae Festival “Profile”



Nigeria Reggae Festival (NRF) is the first of it kind in Nigeria, the idea and vision were initiated by Prince Emeka Ojukwu (founder Music Africa Awake), in the year 2015.

The Nigeria Reggae Festival (NRF) is been hosted by Music Africa Awake (MUAFA).

After much arrangement and planning, Music Africa Awake (MUAFA) scheduled to hold the Nigeria Reggae Festival media launch on November 30, 2017.


The Nigeria Reggae Festival is a 3 days event, to begin on 29th of September to 1st of October  2018.

Nigeria Reggae Festival is an event fashioned to bring peace and unity to Nigeria people and eradicate xenophobic attack in African countries.



Nigeria Reggae Festival is Fashioned to use music to preach peace, love, and unity among Nigerians and Africans in the diaspora because reggae music has established its self as a brand that promotes peace, love, and unity.
More so, reggae music will be used as a tool to eradicate Xenophobic attack among African people.And with the Symposium and seminar that will be held during the Reggae festival, it will be used to educate our youth on the risks involve in teenage pregnancy and substance abuse



Reggae music has influenced a lot of people, markets, media houses, and event. Reggae music has established its self as a brand that promotes peace, love, and unity in the world. Nigeria Reggae Festival is a platform to enlighten the community on the importance of peace and unity through reggae music.



  • The idea behind “Nigeria Reggae Festival” is to preach one Nigeria, one Africa.
  • Nigeria Reggae Festival is a platform to generate funding to promote the upcoming artist.
  • Nigeria Reggae Festival is an event where foreign reggae artist will be present and Nigeria reggae artist and Africa reggae in the diaspora will have the opportunity to collaborate with them.
  • In Nigeria Reggae Festival, a seminar will be conducted by the University of West Indies to give lectures on the Topic ‘MUSIC AS BUSINESS AND HOW ARTISTS CAN COLLECT THEIR ROYALTIES’.
  • Nigeria Reggae Festival is a platform for cultural exchange between Carabians, Jamaica, Nigeria, and Africa in the diaspora.
  • Nigeria reggae festival is a tool to use to bring tourist to the host state.

Music Africa Awake “Profile”

March 29, 2018

Music Africa Awake “Profile”

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BRIEF DESCRIPTIONMusic Africa Awake (MUAFA) is a non Profit company with an aim to educate and promote African culture, develop African musicians and promote indigenous music across the globe. We also encourage, promote African art, and create a business platform for African art industry (African Music, African Fashion, African Food, Visual Art and etc.).  Accordingly, MUAFA considers vital the issue of sustainable financial independence, social responsibility and Black Empowerment in the art industry.


Our vision is ‘Bringing back the dignity and values of African music and culture”

We are proud of our history as an organisation and appreciate our loyal members who have made our passage from a small crew organisation to a professional team of qualified personnel we are today, with a fully integrated communication and project management system. Music Africa Awake is a long-term project with the goal of controlled growth through dedicated service. We have locations throughout the country, and welcome requests for services throughout South Africa, Africa as well as abroad. Music Africa Awake maintains a large inventory of the latest materials and equipment to ensure prompt delivery of our project. Our vision is to become by 2020 the most reputable professional African music organisation to provide quality and originality to Africans and the world over.



With a proven track record of managing and delivering the project as required and an operational strategy to maintain a full profile of services, To work together sharing best practice for creating an organisational culture in which ethics and compliance are paramount.

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In all activities, Music Africa Awake seek to advance the objective of maintaining the highest ethical standards and encouraging employees, members, partners and funders to engage in ethical conduct in the pursuit of all our projects.  Our values include Honesty, People, Accountability, Integrity, Fairness, Cooperation, Respect, Commitment, Teamwork, Trust, Diversity, Loyalty, Good Citizenship, Leadership, Excellence, Responsibility, Openness, Creativity, Customer Satisfaction, Courage, Dignity, Quality, Safety, and Conscientiousness.



Our goals for this plan in African Music and Culture are:

  • To create and groom artist and spread African music (Mbaqanga, Kwaito, Maskandi, Vernacular Hip-hop, Highlife, Juju, Fuji, Indigenous) and African culture internationally;
  • To offer a platform for artists where there are opportunities to promote their music, from the most disadvantaged communities to urban areas and underdeveloped countries
  • Develop an Emergency Financial Grant for performing, fine and visual arts prioritising first those in our database;
  • Identify, develop and nurture talent;
  • To develop a platform for dialogue between Africans as a means of uniting and formalising the African trade platform, Engage and host cultural events, including the Kings and Chiefs and African traditional ruler.
  • To serve as a hub for the promotion of African music and cultural practice organisation;
  • To create cultural awareness campaigns and educate people about the importance of our African Music and culture.